Woman eater detected! Equity Bank fires senior manager for chewing interns

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A senior manager at Equity Bank has been fired after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

The man was accused of being a sex predator by some of the beneficiaries of Equity Bank’s wings to Fly program beneficiaries.

The bank, in a statement, said Philemon Kibiru, the senior manager in charge of learning and mentorship, made inappropriate advances at some female interns on the Equity Leaders Programme. Equity Bank’s management convened a board governance committee meeting which resolved and created an institutional framework to address the concerns raised.

“The Group has taken necessary measures in line with its policies and procedures, including disciplinary measures, and in some cases termination/separation of employment of certain staff,” said David Ansell, the Group chairman designate.

He said the affected persons, who presented their concerns, have been individually contacted and informed of the outcome of the process, and offered all necessary support.

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“The structure was communicated to the interns through their group’s Facebook pages. They were invited to come forward with information so that their concerns could be addressed within the stipulated framework.”

Kibiru made news in 2009 when he was abducted by kidnappers who were demanding a sh 4 million ransom from his family.

He had been abducted in Nairobi’s Githurai Kimbo estate on a weekend. Kibiru spent three days in the hands of his abductors before police burst into a house where they found him tied up with ropes.
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His kidnappers escaped using a ladder on a perimeter wall surrounding the vast compound. There were three vandalized vehicles in the compound, which police suspect had been carjacked.

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