Why Kenyans term the SGR project as a total disaster

A couple days ago, Kenya Railways announced that they  were delighted to hold a colorful ceremony at the Nairobi Terminus in recognition of our 2 millionth passenger on the Madaraka Express Passenger Service. A  passenger after boarding described the service as revolutionary.. but is this what Kenyans are seeing? No.. there is an outcry … they feel duped and equal sentiments that even amid this celebrations, there is a burden.. of debt and of justice. Justice over the mishaps in the Standard Gauge Railway that were never addressed.

The intention of change is there but Kenyans do not feel that it is enough.. there is still more that remains covered.

“Since the launch of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in 2017 we have not been able to interrogate robustly allegations of racism, mistreatment of employees and our wildlife. Yes the deal may seem worthwhile but at economic lenses we might be sinking in huge debt.”

The outcry is louder this time but leaders seem to have forgotten that Kenya comes first… Kenyans can’t stand the praise in which according to them is hypocritical.

The efforts are clear but the major concern is on the pending allegations of discrimination among other issues raised.

Recently the SGR announced that there were new developments  of the SGR project a great  milestone of holing through of the Ngong Tunnel. The tunnel, which is the first on Kenya’s SGR network, is 4.5km long and is on Phase 2A of the SGR (Nairobi – Naivasha). Also indicated that Kenya now has the longest tunnel in East  Africa following the completion of  the Ngong tunnel. (commendable) but Kenyans clearly don’t see the need if  it has to come with the sacrifice of  hurting Kenyans.

And when the streets of twitter were flooded with messages of  praise over the project some Kenyans could not agree…

Have a look at the reactions.

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