What is life? Monday has never been this scary, even before weekend starts!

Scared of Matiang’i Monday? You are not alone. 

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Are you as scared as I am? Ohh sorry it’s a hustlers’ thing!

It is Friday evening and I am already scared on how my Monday will be. This is after I heard the PS for Internal Security Karanja Kibicho admitted that it is going to be painful and messy on Monday when the crackdown on Matatus kicks off.

One of my colleagues mentioned that he might not make it to the office and the boss giggled! My thoughts were confirmed that he was trying to bite more than he could chew!

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The CS Matiang’i on Friday 9th November met top police and Transport Ministry officials where they had a briefing on how the operation, which is set to start on Monday, will be sustained to ensure only compliant vehicles are allowed on the road.

Police inspector Boinnet admitted that matatu culture art usually expressed though graffiti are not illegal, but images endorsing gangster culture and violent crime would not be allowed on PSVs.

“We want to celebrate and bring out positive things in society. Art that celebrates our athletes, applaud football teams, musicians but not some gangsters,” Boinnet  stated.

Speaking in Kabete on Friday, Matiang’i said the government will go after a chain of people to stamp out carelessness on the roads.

“We have taken a longer route this time. We will institutionalize our response to address this insanity. We will focus on the whole chain of responsibility,” he said.

This was after DPP Noordin Haji asked Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to investigate the insurance company that covered the bus that killed 58 people at Fort Ternan on October 10.

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“We will go after wayward insurance companies, even if it means taking away their licenses,” Matiang’i said.

The CS said the government is dealing with individuals who have decided to take the law into their hands.

“Don’t have mercy on these vehicles. Passengers who board overloaded vehicles should be arrested,” he said.

“I am very serious about this… let us go back to order… I’m asking my colleagues, especially senior officials…this is work that we have to do together.”

Will this be a long lasting step? 

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