What Changed? Kenyans’ U- Turn on the SGR

Are Kenyans now seeing the fruits of the Standard Gauge Railway Project? The battled project has now become something to celebrate for Kenyans.  A project that has continued to be a  popular and preference mode of transport to many despite the cracks that are exposed within its implementation strategies.

Initially some leaders and citizens rebuked it and some even wanted it to be brought to a halt. The number of cases that have also been reported to taint the railway transport almost brought the government to split with the sponsors behind it. Even so, allegations of racial discrimination that led to an uproar by Kenyans.

Did you hear the case in which the Chinese were alleged to  have  their own private canteen at the station in which Africans were not allowed in?

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And many more of it that was quickly rubbished a couple months ago  by the Cabinet Secretary in the ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; James Macharia who simply said that the racism allegations might have been a misunderstanding..”There has been a misunderstanding. Is it racial discrimination or we do not have cultural integration.” he said

Controversial much yet today Kenyans laud it and recognize the efforts.

Recently the SGR announced that there were new developments  of the SGR project a great  milestone of holing through of the Ngong Tunnel. The tunnel, which is the first on Kenya’s SGR network, is 4.5km long and is on Phase 2A of the SGR (Nairobi – Naivasha). Also indicated that Kenya now has the longest tunnel in East  Africa following the completion of  the Ngong tunnel.

Since its launch in 2017 the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has carried 2,000,000 passengers as of November 2018, with it has enhanced directly and indirectly the livelihoods of many Kenyans.

Kenya is set to become the second country in Africa, after South Africa, to have the longest railway tunnel, a 7.14km civil engineering feat on the escarpment between Nairobi and Naivasha tunnel.

Kenyans also see it as a boost to the economy since it has led to employment and construction of business structures along the railway.

Have a look at the reactions from Kenyans

Were all the negative issues addressed? Are Kenyans really satisfied with the execution of this project? Well apart from it being cheaper and faster.. Are Kenyans enjoying the fruits?

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