Videos: New “dying” dance challenge that has got everyone laughing.

Their is nothing more fun that living and seeing the way people are creating a challenge out of everything. Not only in Kenya where this is the trend but the entire Africa.

Creating of funny memes and jokes right now is more than a career. People have always invested a lot of time to create things that are humorous and funny and they are spread across various platforms on the internet.

The memes and funny jokes have even been done on politicians and top people in the public whose matters are considered as public interest.

After the #unakufa challenge that took over the internet few weeks ago now we have a new trend, #DyingDance.

The challenge is derived from a song by King Monada Malwedhe.

The song has successfully achieved and gained popularity for the musician by the dying challenge. Earlier on ,Shaku shaku dance was the talk of the internet streets. Different people decided to share their short videos doing the Shaku Shaku dance.

The memes sometimes help people forget about their daily stress and manage them a smile.

Here are some of the compilation of best Dying Dance challenge. Watch and also feel free to share your short video


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