Sad!!Madrassa teacher impregnates his 15 year old pupil



Cases of minors being defiled and impregnating by their teachers and people well known to them are on rise.

Police are now hunting for a Madrassa teacher Ganze who is on the run after impregnating a 15-year-old girl.

The Ustadh at Masjid Twakar in Kadzandani village allegedly defiled the girl who is his Madrassa pupil.

Ganze OCPD Patrick Ngeiywa said the Ustadh went missing after he was tipped that he was going to be arrested. “Police officers went to his house two times but they did not find him,” he said.

The girl is among pregnant girls who sat this year’s KCPE exam in Ganze Subcounty. Sources who spoke to the Standard said the Ustadh tried to make the girl have an abortion for the second time after the first attempt failed.

However, the deal went sour and it leaked to the public who alerted the girl’s parents. The Standard established the Madrassa teacher was a close friend of the girl’s father and was shocked when he was informed. The source further said the Ustadh approached a man nown to procure abortions in the area.

The girl is seven months pregnant. She said the Ustadh abused her several times. “He used to tell me to remain behind when my friends are going back home and took me to the bushes.” The girl’s father said, “My daughter goes to Madrassa with her four siblings on weekends. Most of the time they spend the whole day there.” The matter was reported to Bamba Police station. “I don’t know who told the Ustadh that he will be arrested because he is on the run. I am trying to reach him on his phone but he is unavailable,” the man said.

Statistics from the county commissioner’s office indicate that in the last 6 months, 233 school girls from eight secondary and primary schools in the county, aged between 10 and 19 years have been impregnated and forced to discontinue with their learning.

According to a report tabled by Mr Natembeya, Trans Mara West Sub-County is leading with 157 pregnancies followed by Narok East with 30 pregnancy cases reported to the police and respective authorities.

Narok South had 18 cases, Narok North and South 15 each, and Trans Mara East 13 cases.

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