Revealed:Kenya’s sexiest prophetess set to work down the aisle


Rev Lucy Natasha

With all the classy fashion model like bodyguards around her,its ironical how the gospel slay queen Reverend Lucy Natasha is still single.

The sexiest prophetess who is the founder and over seer of the Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International says,the reasons why she is still  single is because she doesn’t want her marriage to be an endurance, but a source of enjoyment and that’s why she is waiting on the Lord.

However she hinted on the possibility of saying i do come next year.

“I’m waiting for God to show me the right man. In fact, 2019 keki tunayo! however, I’ll continue serving God and humanity and waiting for the right time because He is the one who determines,” she said.

Despite the fact Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko confessed his undying love for her on the pulpit Natasha has denied dating the lawmaker.

Days later, the two were spotted together at Sonko’s Machakos home for prayers after his father’s death and thats was the genesis of their dating rumors.

“I only know Governor Sonko as a servant of Nairobians. I accompanied him to his home because he had lost his father and as a preacher, I can offer condolences. I also recognize and appreciate what the governor’s wife is doing in terms of assisting the poor and vulnerable members of society,” she said.

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Adding that the flamboyant city politician has nothing to do with her costly fleet of cars.

The youthful preacher equally wondered why everyone was fussing about her flashy cars, which she referred to as “material things”.

“I’ am not fascinated by big machines. I view these cars merely as means of transport. If it was the days of Jesus, people would be talking of donkeys!” she explained.

Some months back Rev Natasha advised women the traits one should avoid in a man when it comes to marriage.

“The first kind of a man you don’t want to marry is a Solomon kind of a man. Because that man will flirt with you, will flirt with your sister, cousin, your neighbor, your grandmother, there is no boundaries. So the Solomon kind of a man is a dangerous man.

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“The second type of a man is the unbeliever man. Remember we are told by Paul, he admonished us not to be equally yoked with unbelievers, so I have never met and still yet to meet a Christian woman that married an unbeliever man that did not regret it later in life, Amos greatly said that two cannot work together unless they are agreed.  Even if the man is tall dark and handsome, this day’s ladies study that TDH, if he is not born again he is not right for you. Scratch him of the list.

“The third is the mama’s boy. If you marry this kind of a man, there is nothing wrong with loving your mum and being close to your mother definitely because she is the first woman in your life, but the mama’s boy you will always come second. Momma will always come first.”

Reverend Lucy Natasha is one of the most dynamic and influential young preachers to emerge from the continent of Africa in recent year

Her deep insight into God’s word and the uniqueness of her ministry appeals to diverse groups of people from all walks of life and is changing many people’s lives.

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