Publicity Stunt? Vera Now Markets New Catch


Is this a relationship, friendship or business? Vera Sidika is now marketing Calisah who is believed to be her new found love after she part ways with Singer Otile Brown.

Calisah and Vera Sidika  became the talk of town after the two were spotted in a restaurant on a date days after Vera Sidika joined the single ladies club.

Vera was said to be showing off after she yesterday took to social media to announce that she had bought  a brand new Benz for the Tanzanian Model.

Fans saw this as a show off since Otile Brown had asked her for a loan .. and after shaming the Singer online, she went ahead and bought another man another car.

The socialite in her break up video said that 500K was not a problem to her since she had  bought a watch worth more than  1.4 Million during her birthday trip to Dubai.

She also said that she can buy  such a car that Otile wanted for more than one man.. and indeed she had to prove to her fans that it was not all cheap talk.

Today, Vera on her instastory called out on her fans to vote for Calisah who is a contestant in the Mister Africa International 2018.

Earlier on Vera Sidika had claimed that one of the ways in which Otile Brown was using her is was to market his music… yet here she seems to be taking that same path..

Is she just supporting a friend? Or simply had this planned out to earn Calisah’s fame from Kenyans..

I mean now we are all curious to know who this man is…

What do you think was Vera’s intention to bring Calisah in the picture after her break up?

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