President Uhuru explains why he is still on the hunt for more loans.

If you ask any Kenyan what is the cause of their devastating lifestyles they won’t hesitate to tell you the loans we have are the cause.

The burden of loans and debts the country owes foreign countries is even excess. In fact China can decide any day and sell of this country.

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The money the government borrows is meant to be used in the development agenda. The president saw the move of borrowing as the perfect way the country could achieve the proposed development projects.

But from the look of things , the money just disappears into the pockets of the corrupt government officials in the country. The money is even used to pay people who supply “air” i mean absolutely nothing but they receive ‘heavy cheques.’

Despite the calls and cries from Kenyans that he should quit from going for more loans he has expressed his desire to go for more. Speaking during the late Peter Musyoka’s , Kalonzo’s father burial he has said that the money is meant to help the country fulfill its promises to the people.

He has promised to fight corruption and streamline all systems to ensure everyone enjoys the fruits of his government.

The President has also insisted on the importance of national cohesion and unity. This is tagged to the handshake which has since transformed the political sphere in the country.

Moreover , he has wished for a serene campaign environment where a leader is voted in depending on the strength of the agenda they have to the people.


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