PHOTOS: Hamisa’s ‘new love’ that has left ‘fisilets’ thirsting

A day after Hamissa Mobetto’s video of ‘new bae’ went viral.. the Tanzanian socialite cum musician took to social media to reveal the identity of the rumored lover. Aww don’t these two look so cuuuuuute…..

For those who were asking whether Hamisa was back in the love game.. I guess you have your answer now.. her caption for this photo tells it all.

In yesterday’s video, Hamisa Mobetto was spotted holding hands in the streets on what seemed like a romantic walk in with a man whose identity was not revealed. Things escalated from holding hands to being carried like a baby and Hamisa is  left giggling seemingly enjoying the moment.

Fans  were convinced that this is obviously Mr Right and  I think they were not wrong.

Maybe it came off as a shock since Hamisa initially came of a having been obsessed with Diamond Platinumz love.. and when the relationship ended after hitting the rocks I don’t  think any of us saw it coming this soon..

Hamisa describes the man as ‘a soul that sits on her heart.. ‘ Could they just be friends? Well from the suggestive caption and cupid emoji you can join the dots …

Hamisa Mobetto has been on a trip to America for weeks now and it seems like she is ready to mark another territory.

It has only been a few months since  Tanzanian beauty, socialite and Diamond Platinumz ex girlfriend had a nasty break up with the WCB star after witchcraft allegations.

Rumors also have it that she was at some point thrown out of Diamond Platinumz home by the artists’s mother. Claims that are unclear and were not directly addressed or clarified.

Diamond Platinumz revealed that he was single after he reacted saying that it was a shame that Hamisa tried to trap him by performing witchcraft so that she may get what she wanted from him.

Hamisa had rubbished the claims saying that she was only trying to make a prayer. Even though the break up might have been a big blow, Hamisa seems to be happy and back on track.

Although Hamisa has not really spoken about this or cleared air on whether this is really her boyfriend or just rumours fans are already liking this ‘in law.’

I came across an interesting comment saying that ” On this planet.. there is no such man in existence apart from Hamisa’s ‘ new love’


Roho Mkalia Moyo ….?


How do you rate this ‘ new love’ on a scale of 1-10?


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