Octopizzo Calls for Interior Designers for his new Mansion



Octopizzo makes balling moves as he announced for the call of interior designers to design his  new mansion that he just finished constructing. The Artist has however not revealed any details of the location or unleashed any photos.

Octopizzo who is currently rumored to be in Australia has risen in the music industry and gained international recognition over the years. Some term him as Kenyan best rapper although receiving major competition from the likes of Khaligraph Jones. But Octopizzo is currently on another level like a boss.

Perhaps some artists should borrow a leaf on his strategies when it comes to money making goals.


Octopizzo has not just focused on the music Industry but has also stepped in to the business world and is making huge achievements in that space.

I totally love how he executes his plans and this one does not even come off as a show off but a pure humble way to create and give an opportunity to any of his fans who is up to the task..

Leading by example? I guess.. Not so easy to be both well off and humble but the Kenyan Rap Artist does not seem to struggle here. He is so goals..


Just finished building a mansion in the Hills, Am looking for interior designers, if your style WAVY ?? hit me up with your Resume at Octopizzo@octopizzo.com

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