Is their a gold field in Migori County that Kenyans are not aware of?

Migori County is has been on the reaping side. Since Governor Okoth Obado was granted bail the county has been having numerous activities hitting the headline. Apart from from MCAs drama it seems it is on the look for upward calibration.

Maybe Governor Okoth Obado came out of the one month remand in industrial area with a secret that other politicians have been waiting for.

Somehow a political gold mine is looming and miners are ready to begin their work.

Nyanza has been known for a very long time to be a strong hold for the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He was enjoyed massive support from the region for many years. Baba as famously known has carried the mantle of the region in politics and maybe its time to hand it over, but who will be the predecessors?

As the region is still grooming the predecessor, invaders have already attacked the region. The handshake was the key to that lock,finally it is open. With the new appointment and Raila declaration that he will not be in politics come 2022 has just paved new light.

The Deputy President this week toured the region and launched a number of projects for the county. Even though the ODM party members led by John Mbadi and Junet Mohammed refused to give DP audience. The MPs claimed they were not invited to the function.

The DP on his side seemingly he won big as the youths were singing his name and banners saying “Ruto for Presidency, 2022.”

This gesture impressed and this weekend he is still going back to Migori for various harambees.Ruto is expected to fund church development programmes across the county in bid to strength his relationship with different churches as a strategy to win political mileage.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is also expected to tour the region early December with more and more goodies for the women Sacco in the region.

This is aimed at strengthening Jubilee dominance in the region and also cement Ruto’s ambition for Presidency in 2022.



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