How John Gakuo’s Friends Betrayed Him During his Last Days on Earth

They say that a true friend will stick with you through thick and thin no matter the circumstances you are going through. The family of John Gakuo might have learnt this the hard way but it should act as a lesson to every Kenyan out there.

Many of our so called Friends are just there for you when things seem to be going right for you but always avoid you when things suddenly start falling apart.

The late John Gakuo’s requiem mass was held yesterday and what left a section of Kenyans talking was the fact that the high profile people in the society like politicians or even Nairobi County officials were not present. Gakuo is a man that had many friends during his tenure as County Clerk. Where were they? Did they even visit him in prison? I bet No.

In the midst of all these, Gakuo’s family remain strong and unshaken in their quest for justice for their fallen father. His family has still not been able to come to terms with his untimely death.

According to Gakuo’s son, what was particulary sad was that his father was wasting away and a report had been made by the prison doctor. His father even pleaded to be granted bail on the grounds of ill health but the judge declined to grant him bail.

He says that as a family, they will forever question why their dad was denied bail.

“His family and friends will forever pose the question, ‘now that John has proved he was actually very sick, what next?” We trust the lawyers will pursue any channels possible to vindicate the good name and reputation of this great Kenyan.” said Gakuo’s son.

Gakuo’s family has said that they will pursue the appeal of Gakuo’s case to the highest level and that nothing will stop them in their quest for justice.

The family has also refuted claims that the late Gakuo was a wealthy man and that there was no way he could have stolen public money meant for a cemetery.

” he was not a wealthy man. He only had his house in Nairobi. A 4 acre piece of land in Nyandarua and a small plot in Kitengela. That is not a man who could steal public money meant for a cemetery” said the family.

Gakuo’s family sentiments come days after Gakuo’s lawyer, Assa Nyakundi, said that Gakuo’s death should be a wake-up call to judges who brazenly disregard prisoners’ complaints of ill-health.

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