Chelsea given tips to keep Hazard from moving to Real Madrid

Chelsea have been told what they must do in order to keep hold of Real Madrid target Eden Hazard by former midfielder Michael Ballack.

“You have to pay him a lot of money!” Ballack explained, when asked by Goal how Chelsea can stave off interest in the winger.

“But more importantly, you have to give him a vision. You have to tell him how important he is, ask him what he wants from the club and to give him a little bit more responsibility.

“It is normal to look around and think, ‘With what club can I achieve that with?’ Everyone who loves Chelsea wants Hazard to stay. Chelsea is an ambitious club and it will always be possible that a coach and the players are competitive at the highest level.’

“Only he can give the answer of what he wants for himself, his ambitions for the club and give signs. I always said he is an incredible player. From my perspective, he should have even more responsibility and even more impact on the team, not just to enjoy individual freedom which he likes.

“Players sometimes don’t want to have this heavy weight on their shoulders to carry the team or to get asked in certain situations to have that responsibility.

“I think he is the player who should do that in that team. If you understand how important it is for yourself and for your game and you can handle it, then it will transfer to the team and you will take the next step

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