WCB star Mbosso Speaks On His Journey to Stardom

Sometimes the path toward success seems to be blurred by the perceptions others have of you.. when no one seems to believe in you.. it becomes difficult to believe in yourself.

But for Mbosso, he tells has a different narrative of how he saw this as an opportunity to thrive and become who he is today.

The Tanzanian Bongo Star Mbosso is an artist signed under Diamond Platinumz’s record label Wasafi Class Baby.(WCB)

Mbosso says that some people believed that he could not talk or express himself just because he used to remain silent in front of people who used to talk a lot.

From his message Mbosso implies that people might have not believed in him or ever imagined that something good will come from him.

Mbosso says that he was not so educated and he did not know how to speak proper English but what kept him going is the hope in three words that  remained at the back of his mind.

Coming from a humble background, getting where he is now was one of the dreams that seemed impossible at that time. Before he was signed under WCB , Mbosso was part of the Yamoto Band which fell apart after slight differences.

This might have felt like the end of the road for Mbosso since he was not sure whether the band will get back on its feet or not.

It took time to get back to track, yet today, he is one of the popular singers in Tanzania (a WCB star) and his music in now in the International circles..

He is famously known for his songs, Nadekezwa, Hodari and Nipepee which are his song that he released this year on an interval of one month..

It took him more than five months for him to be acknowledged by WCB and after he was.. he seems to have met his destiny.

Here is the message he shared

1.Waliamini hawezi kuongea kwa sababu alikuwa kimya mbele ya watu waliojifanya wanajua sana kuongea..,

2.Waliamini awezi kuona maana alijifanya Kipofu mwenye Kupapasa Mbele ya watu waliojitia wanaona sana tena na walijiona wao wana macho zaidi ya mawili ..,

3.”ila yeye Sasa.., alikuwa msikilizaji sana” Kwa sababu aliamini amepewa masikio mawili ili kusikia sana na amepewa Mdomo mmoja ili asiongee sana..!!..”

4.Hakuwa msomi sana na wala hakujua kuongea kingereza kabisa .., ila Yeye alikuwa anajua maneno matatu tu .. “Time will tell” ?…

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