“Teachers are not condoms to prevent school girls pregnancies”


The alarming pregnancy rate across the country sends a warning message that should not be ignored.

Young girls are getting pregnant and worse the fact that it is affecting their studies. Kenyans have raised concern saying that parents, teachers and the concerned parties should come through to curb the early pregnancies.

Mostly parents have been criticized for leaving the responsibilities to teachers and this could go wrong in so many ways. We have all heard cases of girls or even boys being raped by teachers after they took advantage of them and the opportunity given to guide the students.

Parents should take equal responsibility and avoid pushing it all on teachers.

Kenyan NGO’s have woken up by this call to come up with strategies that will he’ll to calm and bring a change about this situation.. Already some organizations are suggesting that sexual education should be included in the school curriculum.

In such cases it is not even advisable to take up the blame game..

Last week,reports had it that 15 secondary school girls who are from Kilifi county got pregnant, and this was blamed on disco matanga celebrations. This led to the ban of disco matangas in the county and youth who will be found in discos will risk arrest.

In my opinion the disco matanga ban is a good move but blaming the cases over the discos could be covering up the many other factors that contribute to these cases and therefore important to  address other factors with the same zeal.

No one should take up the blame teachers are not condoms to prevent school girls pregnancies neither are parents. Girls need to be educated on contraceptive methods and everyone should take up their equal share of responsibility. including the girls.

What do you think can bring an end to the rising cases of teenage pregnancies?

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