Simple rules Kenyans ignore to Endanger their Lives on Roads


Road safety is one of the things that Kenyans may seem to be ignorant about. I am sure you have heard some people  say that safety belts are uncomfortable or others simply not wanting to wear one  for no apparent reason.

From safety belts to  helmets for motorbike riders,cyclists and skaters these measures seem to be ignored much. But what are the dangers?

Especially for motorbike riders and those who use ‘Nduthis’ as a means of transport are you aware that you should always have a helmet too? Not just the rider. This includes the passenger as well.

Many people on the busy streets are seen to board bikes with no helmets not realizing that this is a big risk to their life.

These photos might change your attitude just in case you have been ignorant…

With the re- establishment of the Michuki rules this might give new hope and make Kenyans be extra careful  when it comes to putting these rules in practice.

As from Monday, November 12 th traffic officers will be on the lookout for violators of the strict laws that are largely forgotten by many road users almost 15 years after they were introduced.


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