Ruto’s New Proposal to Help Increase Kenya’s Numbers in Heaven

If there is someone that has proved to be a cheerful giver in this country, it must be the deputy President, William Ruto. From gracing various church functions and contributing handsomely to some great causes in the church, William Ruto is truly a lover of the great teachings of God.

The deputy President now wants the word of God to reach many people including those at the grassroots. In order to achieve this, the deputy President has asked leaders and especially the members of Parliament to ensure that the people they represent get access to Bibles published in their local languages so that they can read and understand God’s word.

“MPs, other leaders should lead efforts to ensure communities access the Bible in their languages so that they can hear, read, learn God’s word. Bible translation allows easy interaction with Scriptures; equips people to do Lord’s work and affords opportunity to grow the Church,” said Ruto.

The deputy President has lately come under great criticism for his large contributions to churches with many questioning the source of his wealth.

Even at that,the deputy President has insisted that he will continue supporting churches.

Ruto said he is unapologetic about helping religious institutions.

The DP described himself as an evangelist dedicated to spreading the gospel and supporting churches.

He also pointed out that he was raised by Christian parents.

“If not a deputy president, I would be an evangelist,” he once said at Karatina Stadium.

He added: “I know there are charges against me for helping Christians in churches. I plead guilty to the charges so there is no requirement of witnesses. I am not ashamed of my faith.”

The DP donated at least Sh60 million in different harambees in the six months to July, almost eight times his salary in as many months.

At the functions he attends, Mr Ruto almost always delivers a bundle of crisp notes, well-arranged and into the hands of smiling members of the clergy.

It is a trend he has vehemently defended, arguing that “unlike God, who gave His son as a sacrifice, none of us is being asked to give more than we can”.

Even in his immense generosity, Mr Ruto argues that while he is not a poor man, he is being subjected to scrutiny together with those he says are much richer than he is.

Regarding a lifestyle audit, the deputy president has constantly said he is ready as he has nothing to hide.





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