OMG!Woman detained for procuring abortion

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Police in  Ongata Rongai   are currently detaining a woman  after she illegally procured an abortion in her house.

Alice Gikonyo a single mother of one was found unconscious in her house in Olerai lying in a pool of blood with pills on the floor.

Her neighbours then alerted the police who arrested her.

The incident happened just a day after another aborted foetus was found in a dustbin in a girls’ hostel along Mayor Road area in Rongai.

This comes after the government launched investigations on Marie Stopes International  for allegedly advertising abortion on demand.

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“This is going on despite the Kenya Film Classification Board placing a ban on all abortion advertisements,” wrote Daniel Yumba, chief executive officer of the country’s Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, in a letter.

In September, the abortion giant was banned by the Kenya Film and Classification Board from running an ad promoting abortion on radio.

According to the film board’s chairman, Ezekiel Mutua, the adverts was specifically targeting teenage girls and offering them alternatives for unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

The country’s medical board was planning to hold an inquiry on Wednesday, November 7 into Marie Stopes International’s alleged violation of the laws surrounding the advertising of abortion services in Kenya. Marie Stopes is alleged to have advertised abortion services on Radio Africa’s Capital FM and Classic FM stations.

Organizers of this petition are asking their country’s equivalent of a health minister, Cabinet Secretary for Health Sicily Kariuki, to ban Marie Stopes from operating in Kenya. They also want the organization’s managers to be brought to court on charges.

In Kenya, abortion is illegal except in cases were the mother’s life is deemed to be in danger.

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