“Mnataka nitembe uchi”,Mr Seed’s girlfriend responds to pregnancy rumors

EMB records Mr Seed’s girlfriend  Nimo Gachuri has denied claims that she’s heavy with the gospel singer’s child barely hours after the singer dismissed  speculation that his fiancée is pregnant.

Fans took to social media to ask her whether she’s pregnant for the singer and when the two are having a wedding.

“Why have you been covering your stomach? Are you pregnant?” one fan asked her. 

“Mnataka ni tembee uchi (Do you want me to walk around naked)? You will all know when it is time to know. Mtoto hafichiki (You cannot hide a baby).” she responded. 


She also said that people should stop bothering her with such questions because they are forcing a story that isn’t there.

Mr Seed proposed to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, and they are set to tie the knot soon. Nimo didn’t say when the wedding will be though.

Another one asked when the two will tie a knot.

“Msijali kutakuwa na representatives na hamuwezi kula mchele nyinyi wote. (Not to worry, there will be representatives because not all of you can attend the wedding).”

Recently Mr Seed has been accused of impregnating and dumping ladies.

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