Have Modified Lights and Loud Music in Your Car? Boinnet is Coming For You

Inspector general has finally decided to walk the talk. After years of being seen as a toothless bulldog, the inspector general is a man of a mission to finally bring back sanity on the Kenyan roads.

The tough speaking IG has now narrowed down to citizens with cars that have modified lights and play loud music.

Speaking to Jeff Koinange of Citizen TV, the police chief said that come Friday(Tomorrow) he will be making a major announcement on the same.

“Loud music and modified lights on cars are illegal. Come Friday we will be making a major announcement. All I can say is that motorists need to be on the right side of the law!” said Boinnet.

Boinnet and the traffic police unit are all but set to reintroduce the once famous Michuki rules.

According to the ‘Michuki rule’,Matatus and taxis are to be painted with a consistent yellow band that is 15 centimetres wide and easily identifiable from 275 metres away.

During the same interview on JKL, Boinnet also said that the traffic department is set to do away with vehicles that have got graffiti. According to Boinnet, these graffiti promote gangster-like behaviour and violence.

“I celebrate our culture and I love art. But not one that celebrate gangsters or violence!” said Boinnet.

Boinnet’s remarks have not been received well by a number of Kenyans who believe he will be killing art and a well known and practiced culture.

Prior to Boinnet’s directives, Public service vehicles had adopted a wait-and-see attitude as the clock ticks towards the enforcement of tough laws that could see a good number of them pushed off the road.

Matatu operators say unless there is proper education on how the rules will be effected, the government is just but blowing hot air.

“Who is going to enforce the laws?” posed Matatu Owners Association chair Simon Kimutai.

“Is it the same police who are extorting and offering protection to rogue operators? We support the laws but we are sure after one week it will be back to business as usual.”

The government has turned to the late Transport Minister John Michuki’s guidebook on how to bring back sanity on the roads, giving the public transport sector up to November 12 to comply with a set of strict conditions.

This includes fixing seat belts, installing speed governors and painting a continuous yellow line around vehicle bodies. Additionally all matatu crew will be required to wear uniform and badges at all time, display the driver’s passport photo on the windscreen and avoid touting.

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