David Ndii Refers to Ruto as An Academic Fraud in Shocking Attack

Deputy President William Ruto may be set to graduate with a PHD from the university of Nairobi but some of his most fierce critics like David Ndii seem unmoved.

Ruto missed out on graduation last year but might graduate this year if he fully adheres to the set standards in his academic performance.

His apparently almost certain graduation has been questioned by economist David Ndii who lashed at Ruto’s academic credentials saying its hallmark for ‘insecure scoundrels’.

Ndii was reacting to a post by the office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia who wrote: “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is holding discussions with high ranking military commanders this morning…”

Ndii, who noticed the postgraduate doctoral degree at the end of the Prime Minister’s name said credentialism is bad PR.

“May I suggest you drop (PHD). It’s bad PR. Your PM does not need credentialism—his leadership speaks for itself,” he said.

He added: “Academic credentialism in Africa is the hallmark of insecure scoundrels like Grace Mugabe and William Ruto.”

Last month, Ruto defended his PhD thesis on the ‘Influence of Anthropogenic Activities on Land Use/Cover Changes and Environmental Quality of Saiwa Wetland Watershed, Western Kenya’.

He defended his thesis at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Nairobi.

Ndii further noted that a PHD is not an achievement adding that he got his own 20 years ago.

“…I earned my PhD 20+ years ago, why would I envy an academic fraud? It’s not an achievement. Amin, Bokassa made it to the Presidency. Corruption, murder and megalomania will get you there. William Ruto is eminently qualified— I’m not,” he said.


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