British tabloid shows their hate on Raheem Sterling with shocking headline

The S*n have done it again...

They have done it again. As we know, British tabloids hate Raheem Sterling. The S*n, in particular, seem to love to take a dig at the young, black, successful English star from a poor background, who would have thought it!

When Sterling stubbed his left foot on the Etihad pitch last night and the referee awarded a penalty, the editors must have been licking their lips at the headline they could come up with. Of course, Man City went on to win the game 6-0 in emphatic fashion, with Sterling himself scoring one of the goals of the tournament so far.

Of course, there was no mention of that wondergoal on the back page as that would be giving praise to Raheem Sterling.

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He turned two Shakhtar defenders with a sumptuous piece of skill before heading towards goal with the ball. On the edge of the box he curled the ball into the top corner in emphatic fashion, whilst Gabriel Jesus hit a hat-trick on a rare City appearance.

However, The S*n went for the negative approach (surprise) to both CIty and United’s wins last night. ‘City sporting shame after Sterling ‘penalty’ was the headline they went for, but the most hilarious part of this back page was the fact that they have crossed out Man City 6-0 S Donetsk, and replaced the six with a five!

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The S*n happily then called Sterling a joke and a cheat in the copy, saying he had ‘zero sportsmanship.’ Yes he tripped himself up and no it wasn’t a penalty. But Sterling did not cheat or dive, he tripped.

This newspaper continues to sink to new lows but nothing less than this should be expected.

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