Babu Owino’s Employment Initiative that is Yielding Fruits in Embakasi

Embakasi East  MP Babu Owino has impressed many with his philanthropic gesture to ensure that he gives all the support and makes the effort to improve the lives of the people he represents.

Earlier today, he took to social media to share job opportunities with Kenyan youth with the intention to honor his pledge

During the campaign period in last year’s general elections, he vowed to the people of Embakasi East that he would prioritize youth employment in his agenda as a Member of parliament.

The statistics of youth unemployment is still high and Kenyans are fighting to ensure that they hustle to earn a living.

A number of leaders have failed to offer this help and have been feeding citizens with fake promises and taking them for a ride with many cases of failing to meet the needs of their people.

Although a controversial politician, reactions from Kenyans after this job opportunity update only shows how grateful Kenyans are for his efforts..

On the comments the Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja reacted to the same indicating he is impressed.

What do you think about this move by MP Babu Owino?

Have  a look at his message.

During the campaign period ahead of last year’s General Election, I pledged to the people of Embakasi East that I would prioritize youth employment in my agenda as your Member of Parliament.

In the Bible, it is said, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish, you have fed him for a lifetime.” The same applies to the young people of Kenya. For far too long has the politics of patronage and hand outs been the order of the day. It is my hope to empower and free the young people of Embakasi East during my tenure as MP to enable them live productive and independent lives.

I wish to therefore take this opportunity to update residents of Embakasi East on my partnership with private companies based in Embakasi East towards creating jobs for the youth.

Through this Programme, we have managed to secure employment for the youth as outlined below:

1. Coca Cola Limited – 20 people
2. Kenya Medical Supplies Agency(KEMSA)- 15people
3. Kenya Airports Authority – 9people

I wish to thank the management of these companies for their cooperation in this effort and urge them to dig deeper and widen opportunities for Embakasi East residents.

I also call upon other private companies based in Embakasi East to emulate their counterparts and involve the local communities in their operations.

I will not tire in my efforts to improve your lives and I seek your support in making this vision a reality.

God bless Embakasi East, God bless Kenya!

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