Vera Sidika Sets the Internet On Fire For her “Philanthropic” Gesture

If there is any man that might be going through a rough time right now, it has to be Otile Brown. After a nasty break up with his lover Vera Sidika, it seems like the man is destined to be haunted by Vera forever.

Days after bragging of how she could buy any man out there and in fact a total stranger a car, Vera Sidika today set the Internet on fire after she posted a photo of her with a Tanzanian man named Calisah. Vera apparently gifted the said man a brand new Mercedes benz almost similar to what Otile brown bought a few days back. Was she getting back at Otile?

Vera and Otile broke up after the latter requested for 500,000 to buy a new car.

As Usual, Kenyans had their say on the issue with others seemingly supporting Vera and her new man while others sympathized with Otile brown. Check the reactions below:


Whaaaaaaat? I can’t believe this ????
Calisah? Vera you are better that this babes,wake up!


@otilebrown_ do smth bruv, like get your new girlfriend pregnant or smth #IstandwithOtile


Shine with the boy toy ma’ while otile is somewhere busy in the studio creating music….


Oh Shit! I was Almost dozing off ,Until I Read The Caption! Jesus!


@otilebrown_ take heart I feel you. Again she has not moved on. She is hurting you. Pick up the pieces and walk sir


@queenveebosset si you give me the money you keep throwing around nifungue biashara hata kama ni ya kuuza mboga?


Show us the log book or concrete evidence showing you bought it not kuwaste time taking photos at the show rooms kutudanganya… You want a lifestyle that is fake wish we had *behind the scenes ) of your life. @queenveebosset


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