Hii ni uchawi!!Tenant relieves himself at caretaker’s door

How can someone in his  right mind and senses “poop” at someone’s door step ?.

 As they say revenge is the best medicine, a tenant who was falsely accused of stealing a neighbour’s DVD player and TV set hit back at his caretaker in style.

The  said tenant could not bare the shame and embarrassment so he decided to get his own revenge.

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Tenants in a residential building in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County were left in shock after one of them decided to serve their caretake with a “sweet revenge “after accusing him of a crime he now nothing about .

Which is the best revenge have you ever received?

Well a 43-year-old caretaker of the four-storey block woke up only to find an expected gift of a huge poop by his door step.

It didn’t take long before the caretaker linked the incident to the only man he had beef with.

Despite accusing him of stealing the household gadgets, a search by police and interrogations absolved him, leaving bitter rivalry between him and the caretaker.

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