PHOTOS-How Laika’s Daughter Birthday Went Down

Musician Malaika, famously known as Laika was celebrating her daughter’s birthday. The daughter, who is known as Dahlia turned four.

Sharing her happiness through her Instagram account, Laika thanked God for the great things which had happened in her life the greatest being having Dahlia in her life.

“I appreciate having this amazing daughter who is now turning 4 years old. Happy birthday baby girl, mummy and daddy love you so much! You brighten our lives with your smile and we wish you the very best in life,” she said.

“On a day like today, you made your way into the world in style. I celebrate you baby girl and I want to tell you those favorite words… You’re my best friend.”

Dahlia’s birthday party came at a time when her mother’s past love story was making headlines. This is after Laika confessed during an interview of how legendary music producer J Blessing dumped her after learning she was pregnant.

“I was in a relationship with J Blessing but he left me. I was hurt, so I took a break. He denied the pregnancy, I do not like talking about this issue. He helped for a while after the delivery but for now, he does not do anything,” she said.

Luckily, she found a white man as her soulmate who she introduced to the world as Myles. Check out the photos below, how the party went down.


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