CS Magoha Names The Best Hospital in Kenya

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Education CS Prof George Magoha. PHOTO: Courtesy

In a televised address to the press, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha revealed the best hospital in Kenya, claiming that the health facility’s good name had just been shrouded in bad press.

CS Magoha was giving a press update in the company of high-ranking Education Ministry officials when he revealed that Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is the best in the country.

This came after he visited with some 64 injured pupils evacuated to the facility after their classroom collapsed, killing seven and injuring scores others.

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Kenyatta National Hospital Acting CEO Dr Kamuri briefed the press on the state of the pupils stating that the facility had managed to stabilize all of the 64 admitted, saying only two were in critical condition.

Dr Kamuri stated that KNH had conducted CT- scans on all the 64 pupils and also had them undergo X-ray scans to be sure of their exact problems.

During the Monday morning incident, at least 200 occupying the ill-fated two-storey building were affected by the tragedy.

Dagoretti Sub-County MP John Kiarie blamed the accident on bad workmanship, stating that the materials used in the construction of the building were substandard.


Nominated Nairobi Senator Millicent Omanga said all the public spaces in Ngando ward had been grabbed by former councillors, and the area did not have any public primary school.

CS Magoha would later rubbish the claims, saying a public primary school was only 2 Kilometres away.

Other injured pupils in the morning tragedy were transferred to various hospitals spread across Nairobi county.

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya has since come out to condemn the contractor of the building, saying the building was a death-trap and a disaster waiting to happen.

The school has a total of 800 pupils and is regarded as one of the best -performing private primary schools in Ngando.

“This is the first incident of its kind in a school, and the Government’s investigative agencies will look into it and give a detailed report concerning the quality and the cause of the collapse,” stated Moses Nyakiongora- Chairman of National Buildings Inspectorate.

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