Oh No! Fans React After Nabayet Serves Otile Brown Black Roses

Otile Brown’s relationship with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet has been toggling between ON and OFF button. The two have never been stable for three consecutive months since the inception of their union.

In April 2019, it was clear that the two parted ways after they deleted each other from social media, and wiped each other’s photos from their timelines.

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Image Courtesy; Otile and Nabayet

However, their breakup only lasted 2 weeks and they came back to the internet with much romance and lovey-dovey shows.

In June the same year, Otile gifted Nabayet a new car, sending signals that it was going to be a happy endings story. The two also hinted that Nabayet was expecting Otile’s child.

One month later, they seem to be in loggerheads as Otile unfollowed Nabayet again on Instagram and Nabbi did the same. Otile follows less than 20 people on Instagram and Nabayet is  missing in the list

On the other hand, Nabayet shared a jar of black roses which symbolizes the end of the relationship and deleted all her photos with Otile Brown.


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When Diamond Platinumz and Zari broke up, Zari shared a black rose for Diamond on Valentines Day and that marked the end of them.

otile brown

Nabayet’s black rose evoked mixed reactions from fans who once predicted their break up through the common Mtaachana tu phrase used on couples who love expressing their love publicly.



Uhh why black? Why do I feel like Zari and diamond is about to happen again 😩😭😭


 You didn’t see her post yesterday,, but she deleted it


 in fact they ain’t following each other on IG😂😂😂


 what was it about😂😂😂😂 this is the 2nd tym😂😂😂

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🤣🤣🤣Nilijua tu itaisha


Ghai imeisha hivo 😢😢the episode was short

Image result for oh no gif


Uyu ni amberay ame cause tu


Woiii you have even deleted all the photos😢😢😢

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