Boniface Mwangi Rescues Two Young Men Arrested for Wearing “military uniform”

Young men arrested for wearing combat attire.PHOTO./TWITTER

Firebrand Political Activist Boniface Mwangi has condemned the police for haphazardly arresting youth who allegedly wear military uniform. Taking to social media, Mwangi revealed how he managed to secure the release of two young men who were rotting at Central Police station.

“I have been able to secure the release of these two young men from Central Police Station. Police had arrested them for “wearing combat uniform.” 

Boniface Mwangi.PHOTO/COURTESY

Mwangi is now calling on the government to bring the end of the illegal importation of such attires arguing that it is unlawful that the youth face harassment on daily for putting on the clothes yet the government can’t stop their sources.

Everyday, across this country young people are harassed for wearing clothes that are sold legally”.

Early this year, Retired Inspector General Joseph Boinnet ordered the arrest of civilians wearing clothes that resemble uniforms of military or police officers.

The IG said that incidents of civilians wearing replicas of attires for disciplined servicemen have created confusion on the public who can’t distinguish genuine police officers from civilians.

Mwangi’s post has elicited sharp reactions, with most Kenyans terming the arrest as illegal and calling on the government to stop the barbaric acts.

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