Tanasha Donna Responds After Her Chat with P-Square Exposed

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When the past comes haunting, there is little that can be done about it. Diamond Platinumz’ sweetheart, Tanasha Donna is facing hard times after the dark side of her past resurfaced a few days ago.

Well, people might think that Tanasha is young and naive but her past speaks a lot about who she is. This girl has been exposed to so many things which do not match her age. Remember she said she is just 24.

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It is believed now that Tanasha lied to the public when she said that she does not smoke, citing it is gross, and she cannot stand the smell of cigar. She said all these after her Nah easy video was out and fans could not stomach the part where she smoked.

Some may raise concerns about the whole smoke factor, which is understandable. First of all I cant stand cigars, they stink and its gross
Secondly, I wasnt inhaling any bit of the cigar into my lungs at all, at all, purely did it for the smoke effect and went to check if everything is fine afterwards and my son is perfectly healthy. Thought I’d set the record straight

Tanasha wrote!

But hey look here! Photos of her smoking in the past have resurfaced.

PHOTO COURTESY Tanasha smoking in the past

It emerged that Tanasha has been involved in people close to Diamond’s Baby mama, Zari Hassan before dating Diamond, and she also advertised on Zari’s Instagram page before she snatched Diamond Platinumz, as Zari explained in her previous interview.

PHOTO COURTESY Tanasha Donna with Zari’s brother and friend in the past

In response, Tanasha claimed that she never visited Zari’s Instagram, citing that her page was hacked and the person who hacked it was from Tanzania.

In other news Tanasha’s Chat with P-was exposed and her past relationship with Zari’s close people before she became Diamond’s fiancee.

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Now, Tanasha has come out defending herself saying that people are constantly provoking her and when she explains herself in a civic way, and cannot get her right. Now she says that everyone can think what they want!

People never notice when you’re constantly provoked and remain silent but the minute you retaliate in the most civil manner possible, you are the bad guy or the guilty one. So I let them argue with themselves and believe what they want.

Tanasha wrote in her Instastrories!

Now that Tanasha has been trying to respond to every jab Zari Hassan throws at her, People believe that she is guilty as charged because. Most of her fans argue that if she was not guilty she would not try to defend herself or try to respond to Zari’s jabs and every other rumor about her.

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