Twitter explodes as Man United fans revive ‘Glazers Out’ campaign

Manchester United fans have continued with their ‘glazers out’ campaign on social media. Through a #GlazersOut on Twitter, United fans have trolled the leadership of their club, claiming that their interest is not in football but money.

This is not the first time the hashtag is trending on social media. The campaign was revived again this year after the Red Devils’ meagre performance in the 2018-19 season where they failed to lift any trophy and worse of all, did not finish in the top-four position.

Tuesday’s campaign was sparked by the club’s failure to invest in quality players while other teams like Real Madrid, which also faced a torrid time last season are busy signing good players.

It’s been 14 years since the Glazer family completed their £790 million takeover of Manchester United. May 16, 2005, is regarded as one of the darkest days in the club’s illustrious history by many United supporters.

Despite fan protests at the time, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to prevent US tycoon Malcolm Glazer from acquiring a 75 percent stake in the club.

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Malcolm Glazer

Fears that United would be saddled with debt and led by a family with little knowledge about football have, to some extent, come to fruition.

Sure they’ve still enjoyed huge success since 2005 – winning five Premier League titles and the Champions League – but that was largely down to Sir Alex Ferguson’s brilliance.

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Since Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, United have fallen further than most would have expected.

They’re no longer one of Europe’s most formidable teams. Next season they’ll be competing in the Europa League instead of the Champions League after finishing the 2018/19 campaign in sixth place.

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