“Lord of poverty!” Oscar Sudi savagely trolled for defending ‘Kalenjins’ in Dam Scandal

Photo: Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi/courtesy

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi this time round has  got it wrong in his attempt to defend his fellow tribesmen implicated in 21 Billion Arror and Kimwarer Dam Scandal.

Oscar Sudi through his Facebook account has dragged President Uhuru Kenyatta in the latest arrest order issued by DPP Noordin Haji.

Sudi has boldly defended Treasury CS Henry Rotich,Susan Koech and David Kimosop stating that DPP is targeting them because of their geographical locations.

But this tactic did not work out. One Facebook User by the name Timo Kipkorir has told off Sudi telling him to continue defending his fellow tribesmen alone. Using a popular slang,he told Sudi “Kila mtu apambane na hali yake.”

Timo Kipkorir We are tired of this politics of MTU WETU….kila mtu apambane na Hali yake,,, when they were stealing they stole on behalf of their greedy stomach not a community…..I am finishing my journey with UHURU KENYATTA…

Sudi has further been referred to as ‘The Lord of Poverty.” Facebook user known as Kiplangat Pius as told off Sudi that Kalenjins no longer think like zombies to be blindly misled.

Kiplangat Pius Lord of poverty, sanitizing corruption. CS Rotich comes from Kimwarer and he still have the guts to steal from his villagers like you have the guts to cheat and lie to us that we are being targeted, its enough we can nolonger think like mummified zombies! Kila MTU apambane na hali yake.

However Sudi has been ‘applauded’ for finally admitting that President Uhuru Kenyatta and His Deputy are faking their relationship. But Check Delly has claimed that Sudi should be arrested for propagating ethnicity.

Chuck Delly 😂😂😂 today you’ve said it that Uhuru is faking good relationship with Ruto hahaha. Now let me ask you fool; are you saying that the 84 million that was misappropriated by the Samburu governor case is small money? Secondly, why are you singling out Rotich and your fellow Kales out of the 28 list of persons to be prosecuted, including Thuge, a Kisii, luo and other tribes? Why do you always choose too defend your tribesmen even when it’s crystal clear they’re corrupt? Nonsense. You should actually be arrested for propagating ethnicity enchimbo eye. Fakini.

Furthermore, Sudi has been accused of hiring someone to write for him that facebook post. Kim Julius has started that Oscar Sudi cannot properly articulate in English without mixing with some ‘Kinandi.’

Kim Julius How comes you write a flawless English yet ukienda kuongea unaongea English mixed with kinandi? Who normally write this things on your behalf? Juu hii sio wewe huandika. Meanwhile, Ruto is being finished polepole. We know punguza mizigo referendum was sponsored by Ruto, and anything sponsored by Ruto is suspicious and can’t pass.we are waiting for the BBI commissioned by Uhuru and Agwambo mwenyewe.

However a few people have agreed with Oscar Sudi’s narrative terming it as a clear indicator aimed at blocking Ruto from ascending to power.

Evans Chepkorom Great message our icon, indeed that’s a clear path to halt William Ruto from succeeding uhuru Kenyatta, but Ruto himself is self made, God chosen leader and an inevitable state 5th president

This is what Oscar Sudi posted in details


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