Aukot releases a list of items gangsters made away with

Photo: Dr Ekuru Aukot /courtesy

After the Thirdway Alliance offices were broken into, Dr Ekuru Aukot has come out to release the list of items which the six armed gangsters made away with.

Dr Ekuru Aukot had earlier stated that Thirdway Alliance Secretary General Fredrick Okango was caught up in the raid but managed to scamper for safety in one of the offices.

But according to the latest report Secretary General Fredrick Okango is safe.

He has also stated that the six armed men only managed to get away with SG Okango’s laptop, phone and wallet.

Dr Aukot has however claimed that the act of cowardice has made the Party to be even more stronger than it was.

“Our Secretary General Fredrick Okango is fine. The cowards just took his laptop, phone and wallet. We are even more stronger now,” Aukot stated.

This happened hours after Punguza Mizigo Bill passed.

The party got a breakthrough in its bid to change the Constitution and reduce political offices to scale down the wage bill.


This is after the electoral body IEBC confirmed that it had verified that ‘Punguza Mizigo’ Initiative steered by the party had garnered over 1 million support from the registered voters.

“The Commission has since verified that the Initiative has been supported by 1,222,541 registered voters. This is therefore to notify the Public and all stakeholders that the Initiative has met the requisite threshold as required by law,”IEBC stated.

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