Is Waititu proposing his son in-law for Kiambu Top Job?

Photo: Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu /courtesy

Very serious allegations have been raised over Governor Ferdinand Waititu considering his son in-law to the Chairperson of Kiambu Public Service Board.

This  allegations have been raised following a striking similarity of names between a person named Dr Nyotu Gitau who is expected to marry Waititu’s daughter ,Dr Njeri Ndungu, and another name, Herman Gitau Nyotu, who is a shortlisted candidate to fill in the county’s Public Service Board.

According to wedding invitation card, Dr Nyotu is expected to marry Dr. Njeri this coming Saturday,20th of July at a high end wedding which will be held in P.C.E.A Evergreen Church in Runda.


According to the list of the candidates who were called on Interview on 4th of July Herman Gitau Nyotu is also among the top favorites expected to fill the position.


Can we just assume this is a coincidence of names? Or is Waititu awarding his son in law?

This has caught the attention of the flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir who has claimed that Waititu is taking corruption to a whole new level.

“Ferdinand Waititu is taking Corruption to new levels. Even before his daughter is married on July 20, he is proposing his in law as the Chairman Of Kiambu Public Service Board. Hope the wedding isn’t contrived to mitigate against the arrests of Waititu Family for Corruption,”he stated.


Another twitter user by the name Duncan Makori has also raised the same issue stating that Governor Waititu has appointed his son in law as The Chairperson of Kiambu Public Service Board.

“Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has appointed his son-in-law Nyotu Gitau to the position of Chairperson, Public Service Board. Nyotu Gitau is set to wed Waititu’s daughter, Njeri Ndungu on Saturday,” Makori stated.

Dr Njeri Ndungu is also a controversial name. She has been mentioned in numerous corruption scandals involving Kiambu county.

EACC and DCI are still trying to find evidence to use against Waititu and his family.

Do you think Kiambu County Boss will survive?

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