Fans Laud Akothee’s Amazing Parenting Skills

PHOTO COURTESY Akothe and Rue Baby

Akothee is one woman who has a crazy relationship with her daughters. They would dance, fight, joke, argue and do other things that can only be done by age mates.

However, there are times when Akothee has to stand up and take the position of a mother. Bringing up teenage girls is not easy and it requires her to speak up and address certain issues such a peer pressure and every other change that comes with puberty.

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PHOTO COURTESY Rue Baby and Akothee

But Hey look at how Akothee addressed these issues!

She does not flog nor soothe! she nails it on the head! some kind of truth that can kill someone softly. Look at her questioning her daughter rue baby on coming home late!


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I catch this biiitch today , toungtied

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Akothee does not even give her daughter-Rue Baby some time to explain herself. She tries telling her mom that she was making her hair till late at night. Akothee would not hear any of her words. She even sings a song for her and tells her not to worry and continue making hair until she gets pregnant.

Continue making your hair until you have a baby kicking inside your stomach….Ati you were making hair in the middle of the night! idiot! I don’t know why I am wasting my school fees. you are old enough to get married!

Akothee tells her daughter!


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Dont worry my dear 什什什什什 dont worry

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But hey! After the whole scene, akothee waits for her daughter outside the bathroom and dances with her. She says that she does not allow her daughters to walk around bitter about her.

However, she makes sure that she drives every point home. Look at them dance after clashing on Rue Baby on coming home late!

While some mothers would quarrel, fight and even declare no food for some days for anyone who comes home late, Akothee does not extend it. This what she says!

How we normal our fights,I dont allow my kids to walk around bitter , before they meet joka” I am Here for you ” but the point is home @veshashaillan

This is a lesson to all parents who over punish their teenage daughters. Do not overdo it!

Fans lauded Akothee for great parenting skills.


Mothers have a special place in heaven


I just admire you for reaL…You are a mum ni a million


Mother daughter love


This nice mummy you doing great as a mummy





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