Tips on how to prepare for your first trip to the Gynaecologist

Like death, taxes and the actual failure of our government (Just throw rocks already)… What are we talking about again? Oh yeah. Pelvic exams. If you are sexually active you need to get one annually. You don’t want to be making plans to go on a bae-cation and then… ghafla bin vu you are in hospital with cervical cancer. Here are some things you can expect at a pelvic exam.

1.Arrive clean

Doctors are trained to do the exam under any conditions but in the name of all that is holy, please remember to scrub down there. You wouldn’t feel nice if someone flashed dirty genitals at you. Right? Be nice to your Doc, please wash your booty sis!

2. Don’t be on your period

Surely, this goes without saying. Apart from making the exam an extreme sport, it will be super uncomfortable. Blood will alter the pH test as it is alkaline and then you’ll have wasted money and time.

5 Easy Ways To Prepare For a Pelvic Exam
3. Avoid sex for 24 hours to the exam

Mjulubeng is not a must, please. First of all pressure on the cervix caused by sex can cause normal cell death, which then leads to increased cell growth which will look like a bad thing on a Pap test.  When you have sex without a condom, semen will also alkalize the vagina and alter the pH test. So… Just. Say. No.

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That’s it. Everything you need to know before your pelvic exam.

Tell us in the comments some of the funny and embarrassing thoughts you have had at your first pelvic exam.

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