Daktari mzima anakula plastic-Vera Sidika’s New Boyfriend Trolled


PHOTO COURTESY Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa

Since Vera Sidika unveiled the face of her cute Tanzanian man-Dr Jimmy Chansa, they have been sharing a photo after another leaving the public envying their perfect lifestyle and happy relationship.

However, there is a group of people who believe that Vera Sidika and her doctor boyfriend will not last long in their relationship. Mtaachana tu is the phrase they love using on love birds.

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We call the haters or enemies of progress. Here is one comment from a hater on Dr.Jimmy’s Instagram timeline.


mtaachana tu不不不不不不不不不不不不 Shikwekwe ni chameleon kama ameweza kubadilika kuwa black alaf tena white basi ata wewe utabadilishwa tu

After Vera revealed that her man is a doctor by professions, fans have raised questions on how a medical doctor would date a woman who is literally fake and plastic.

VeraSidika and Dr. Jimmy Chansa

Vera is the kind of girl who has tried so many procedures to change her appearance. She has gone through a number of plastic surgery on her body. Her boobs are a product of plastic surgery.

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PHOTO COURTESY Vera after Boobs surgery

Vera’s skin has been taken through two processes, she went light through plastic surgery and now she came back to black through the same.

What bothers fans is how possible is it for her boyfriend, who is a doctor by profession to live comfortably with her knowing that she is plastic!

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PHOTO COURTESY Two shades of Vera Sidika

Taking to social media, Vera Sidika’s boyfriend Dr. Jimmy Chansa shared a video featuring him and Vera ina car with captions!

This is what happens when we get stuck on traffic My Twinnie@queenveebosset

Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa INSTAGRAM

The posts evoked hilarious reactions from fans who raised the issue of a health practitioner dating a woman who has been doing dangerous procedures on her body. Take a look!


Daktari mzima anakula plastic

Chungana ujue hio ni plastic ikimelt tu cancer pap
Others advised Jimmy to ensure that he performs best in bed claiming that she dumbed Otile brown because he was poor in bed.


Young nigga please make sure you have a big d*ckMkikosana utajua hujui!!. Jipange mapema

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