Shocking revelations on how cancer has taken the country ‘hostage’

Photo; CS Sicily Kariuki during the past function/courtesy

Why do cancer has to be an enemy of the People in Kenya? The disease is on the verge of being declared a National Disaster.

The disease has taken away the pride of kenya.Talk of the countries top brains such as Bob Collymore former Safaricom CEO, Francis Nyenze former Kitui West MP among many others.

Photo: The Late Bob Collymore who was Safaricom CEO/ Courtesy

Still many people are just surviving with this deadly disease. The likes of Kibra MP Ken Okoth, Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

But according to Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, the rate of infection is just alarming.

CS Kariuki has claimed that 48,000 people are living with the killer disease and the chances of survival are just minimal. 33,000 people out of 48,000 affected end up dead.

“We are not sitting in a very good place when it comes to cancer. The numbers continue to rise- we are currently talking of 48,000 Kenyans affected by cancer per year Of the 48,000 we have recorded about 33,000 Kenyans die out of cancer related issues,” She stated.

She has however claimed that the disease is becoming prone because most people start getting medication when it is in advanced stage.

“The problem is that as the numbers continue to grow, 65%-75% of the cases are detected when they are already too advanced (Stages 3 & 4) This means that giving treatment that really works becomes a real challenge,”Kariuki revealed.

Although CS Kariuki has stated considerate steps that the government is making to outsmart the disease. The Government is setting Chemotherapy centers across the country.

“We are looking at investment in terms of additional infrastructural support. We have (in the last 2 years) put up 9 chemotherapy centres across the country,” Kariuki assured.

She added,”At the moment we are putting up radiotherapy centres; we have secured the budgets to be able to equip the centers within this year.”

The Health CS has urged Kenyans to be key players by going for constant screening to ensure that they defeat cancer.

“The investments are happening but the numbers continue to grow Every Kenyan has a responsibility/ role to go for early screening and have better chances of being treated,” CS Kariuki said.

But she has also outcried on some cases where the disease is misdiagnosed which end up affecting the people making the management of cancer to be difficult.

“I am not sure there is anything wrong with our human capacity to be able to detect cancer There have been cases of ‘missed cases’ when it comes to misdiagnosis but there have also been equal chances of people who have had the right diagnosis given,” She retorted.  

The ratio of doctor to cancer patient in the country is just low, perhaps it is 1 doctor to 1920 patients.

“We are not doing very well in terms of HR; the recommended global number is 23 human resource to 10,000 population. We are at 13 What is recommended for cancer is 1 doctor per 100 patients but the ratio we have currently is 1 doctor to 1920 patients.”

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