Should private hospitals be barred from monetizing their parking?

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A Nairobi county legislator, Anne Thumbi has sponsored a motion that aims to compel Private hospitals to stop charging parking fees on their visitors. The motion acknowledges that private hospitals could be imposing the parking fees to deter mischievous motorists who visit the facilities for the simple purpose of parking their vehicles and proceeding to other businesses.

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According to the nominated MCA, the objective of the proposal is to avoid any other expenses incurred by patients or a family member while visiting the hospitals. Part of the motion reads, “….there are no regulations to private parking in the County which has resulted to exorbitant parking fees in some private hospitals causing a stressful situation to patients or visitors who visit a suffering family member.”

Hospital bills are already huge and parking fees should not be imposed so patients and family members have to think about hospital bills alone. If you have atteded these private hospitals, as a patient, you incur alot of expenses and parking fees shouldn’t be one of them.

The motion is backed by the Constitution of Kanye, under Article 186 (1), where the Constitution provides powers to the County Government to govern parking. She urges the County to develop a policy to regulate parking charges by private hospitals in the county to avert exploitation by owners of premises through high parking fees when patients and the general public visit such premises for services.

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Imagine you are sick you get admitted to a private hospital then they tell you to pay for packing what nonsens. Below were some thoughts by Kenyans aboutthe bill:

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