(VIDEO)Tanzania threatens to Kick out Kenyan Businessmen

Starehe MP Charles Njaguar. PHOTO/COURTESY

Starehe Member of Parliament Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi’s xenophobic threats have led to a diplomatic row between Kenya and Tanzania.

On Monday, Jaguar who has since been arrested led Kamukunji residents in demonstrating against foreign invasion. He gave the government a 24hour ultimatum to act or he will lead the deportation exercise.

“If there are competitions from the Chinese nationals, then there will be no business for you people. Recently we witnessed Matiang’i claiming he had deported only six Chinese nationals yet we have hundreds in here. We are giving the government 24-hour ultimatum to deport them failure to which I will lead the locals in storming their shops and ejecting them” threatened Jaguar.

Jaguar’s move seems to have caused fear among foreign nationals doing business in Kenya. An unnamed Tanzanian MP speaking in parliament proposed that the best move to deal with the threats was to retaliate the move and depot Kenyans living in Tanzania.

Speaking amid uproar, the MP went on to argue that it was senseless to have a single MP threatening a whole parliament while it was so easy to retaliate the move.

Tanzania has since summoned the Kenyan High Commissioner to Dar to explain the remarks which they termed as xenophobic and a threat to it’s their citizens.

The government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna denounced the MP’s remarks saying they do not represent the government’s official position.

“We wish to state that this is not the position of the government and we denounce the comments carried in the video in the strongest terms possible. Such comments are unfortunate and have no place in today’s ‘global environment,” he pointed out alluding to the video clip.





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