VIDEO: Lonely Eric Omondi plays with Vera Sidika’s butt

PHOTO/COURTESY Eric Omondi and Vera Sidika

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has excited Kenyans after he shared a video of him playing with Vera Sidika’s butt.

Eric Omondi laments on his caption that being single will kill him and seems like he is having a difficult time ever since he parted ways with his longtime girlfriend Chantal.

The Comedian showed up at Vera Sidika’s beauty parlor and according to the socialite, he had gone to get his hair done.

In the Video Eric shared on Instagram, he got to hang out with the curvaceous business lady as they talked about the upcoming AFCON match between Kenya and Tanzania.

PHOTO/COURTESY Eric Omondi and Vera Sidika

Eric Omondi and Vera share the same sentiment that Kenya will win against Tanzania in the anticipated match which will be played tomorrow.

Apart from the conversation they were having, what caught the attention of many is how Eric OmondiΒ  slid his hand in VeraΒ  Sidika’s trousers claiming that he was tucking her shirt in.

Funny enough, Vera did not resist Eric Omondi’s touch as she giggled and lifted her legs making the situation rather awkward.

This video comes days after Eric Omondi shared a video flirting with TV girl Jacque Maribe; making his fans think he was making advances.

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PHOTO/COURTESY Eric Omondi and Vera Sidika

Eric in this video with Vera also showered the socialite with praise suggesting that compared to Tanzania’s sweetheart Wema Sepetu, Vera is the real queen.

Eric Omondi’s moment with Vera Sidika triggered several reactions from Kenyans including from Singer Jegede who warned Eric Omondi to stay away from his crush.

Ever since the Comedian Broke up with his girlfriend, this is the first time he admits that it has not been easy.

In the long break up post that he shared, Eric Omondi seemed bold and in agreement to the decision although some think he was dumped.

These recent videos have raised concern from his fans who have been commenting on Chantal’s posts asking her to come back to Kenya and reunite with his ex lover.

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Meanwhile have a look at the reactions to Eric’s video with Vera.

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My baby.. Ericko ntakuuuwah!!!


Was the tuck in necessary πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hilo tako la kubuuustttt

Here is theΒ  full video

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