3 things to keep private: your love life, your income and your next move  

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See, the world has become a global village and little to nothing is left unrevealed.

It has become “couple goals” to post, like, share photos of couples being all mushy and cute on social media.

But hey, the less you reveal the more people can wonder.

“The ore people know about you, the harder your job becomes to create a character in whom people suspend belief.”- unknown.

Three top things we are all advised to keep to ourselves in defiance to social media pressure are: the person you love, the money you make and your next move.

Here is a combination of people’s remarks on why these three should not be public information, via Quora.

The Person you love:

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Someway or the other, not everyone is completely satisfied in their love life. Thats how it is actually. But, it takes a lot of time to understand that relationships are about adjustments and not perfections.

So, when you share the cutest moment of your relationship, you either put them yearning for that moment in their love life or you’re giving them chances to pose the negativity of your cutest moment to you itself! And, the smallest the fight you have with your guy/girl the larger they can exaggerate. And moreover, love life is actually private, why publicize it? What happens between you an your guy/girl should never pass through your vocal chords. The thundering aura they might produce may be dreadful!

When you make your love life public, it doesn’t remain a personal affair anymore. Its charm and warmth, somewhere, mitigates with the effect of people’s over- attention and their contemptible remarks.

The money you make:

Remember, the world is always about OPM (other people’s money). Always.

In revealing your income, people will simply put your subconscious mind to a level that you’re the millionaire of this entire world. And you tend to spend more. You tend to cope with the extravagant life style. Sometimes, more than your actual needs. You forget to save. You forget to meet the needs of your family and your own future.

If they find out that you have very low income, they may start judging you as a less capable and an ordinary person, no matter how much worthful and talented you might be.

Conversely, high income may become a matter of envy for rest of the low or average earning people. Some even may misunderstand you as someone who flaunts of his high salary.

Your next move:

There are possibilities that what you speak out loud might not happen,and then questions will come like“Hey, you were telling you were going to marry him/her?” “Hello, you were telling you were to get a great job and get a salary of 1M per month?” And all these questions in the most sarcastic way possible.

Never ever tell your future plans, dreams or moves to ANYONE. Not even in your journal. There are chances that they might be taken up and completed by your friends and foes.

But, you would stand there (not even at the starting point of what you said), somewhere far far away. It will destroy your inner peace. So, it’s always great to work in silence.

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