REVEALED: Kiambu’s Secret Gem That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

The party scene in Nairobi’s metropolitan area is no doubt losing its scintillating allure.

Today, all the hype is about memorabilia and having an ‘out of town experience’

Just ask yourself, when was the last time ‘zilikushika’ at 3am in the middle of the dancefloor…shoehorned in some dingy club in the CBD?

Yeah, it’s been a while.



And even the proverbial ‘twende tukawake Westy/ Ngong’ Road’ is no doubt losing its hype. Today, partying for Nairobians is all about clandestine events. Everyone wants to keep it a secret.

Besides, the more hidden it is, the more luscious, suspenseful; and downright ambiguous it becomes.

Anything can happen. And that’s exactly what we partyholics yearn for.

In the heart of Ruaka, lies an audacious lounge; one that dares defy the regular degular of the Kenyan party scene. In fact, I only discovered it from the whispers of whisperers. (Call me Varys if you like)

And once I reveled at the club, it dawned on me…. this venue will host the paragon of parties for days to come.



Forget your perennial whiskey-something’s in Kiambu that frankly, have been wrung dry with too many sagas.

This is where Nairobi’s bourgeois have opted to remain reclusive: Ravers Paradise Lounge.

The venue boasts some of the most high-end amenities in the club-life scene such as:

* A state of the art Whiskey Bar
* Sports Bar with a relaxing ambience
* Cocktails mixed to perfection
* Bottle service for those who love to do it big
* V. I. P for the crème de la creme
* A 3-star Restaurant for hearty dining
* And Hospitable Accommodation to extend the party 

Plus this Saturday, one of Kenya’s most prolific DJs, Kalonje himself, will be the main even for Extreme Saturdays on the 22nd of June.

I advise you to bring your dancing shoes because, as is the case with such a prodigious mixer, tutacheza mpaka che!


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