‘Referendum Calls to Extent Uhuru’s Term Will Breed Chaos and Revolutions’

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Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale who is currently William Ruto’s point man in Western Kenya. Photo/File

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has waded his feet deep into the referendum debate telling off those calling for a constitutional change that according to him are aimed at extending President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term in office after 2022.

According to Khalwale, such a move should be rejected by all ‘Hustlers’ in the country as this will only amount to chaos and revolutions in the future.

President Uhuru Kenyatta. Khalwale has termed his office term extension through a referendum vote a ripe recipe for chaos in Kenya. Photo/File

Khalwale, through his Tweeter account, observed that the current constitution which limits the President’s term in office to only two terms (10 years) is good as it allows the citizens to inject new blood into the top leadership position without recycling same old leaders over years leading to poor performances.

He warned that the ‘dynasties’ through the now famous handshake, were planning to prolong their stay in office and that this act will call for a serious revolt from the public.

His tweet, however, evoked some serious reactions from a section of Tweeter users who rubbished Khalwale’s claims terming him an opportunist who was out to exploit William Ruto’s fortunes at the expense of Western Kenya voters.

You can’t talk of revolution when you already joined the despots and illegitimate government to help oppression Kenyans. The only true revolutionised is who your despotic government removed from Kenya unconstitutionally” re-tweeted  another user Jack Mulaku

Khalwale’s remarks came at a time when the country is deeply divided between those supporting the referendum calls and those who are against it. According to a section of leaders led by William Ruto’s Tanga-tanga side, the call for a referendum is a move by Kieleweke leaders together with their ODM counterparts to create ‘useless’ positions fro the poll losers.

These claims have however been rubbished by the pro-handshake team who maintains that the move to amend the constitution is to create a whole inclusive government reflecting the face of Kenya at the same time scrapping off ‘useless’ positions which include the Senate and women rep positions which are of no value to Kenyans.

The team which is currently waiting for the Building Bridges Initiative members to conclude and hand in their countrywide meet the people report has maintained that referendum is inevitable for Kenyans as this was the only way to solve poll injustices in the country.

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Building Bridges Initiative team when they visited Eastern counties

Deputy President William Ruto has on many occasions maintained that he was only ready for a referendum that aims at reducing the burdens of the common mwanainchi and not increasing them through creations of extra positions in the government for the election losers.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has remained mum over the matter although his past sentiments on the need to include all leaders in the government points out at a possible support for the referendum.

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If effected as it stands, the creation of a powerful Prime Ministers post will render the incoming President in 2022 just a ceremonial leader with little executive powers as compared to the Prime Minister.

This is the same reason why William Ruto who has declared his 2022 candidature together with his brigade are hell bent in opposing the move that if effected will render their king a powerless President in 2022.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi had however predicted that the Deputy President was more likely to heed to the referendum calls in the future if he sees that his chances of successfully opposing it are minimal.

According to Ngunyi, Ruto will be forced to surrender his presidential bid and instead championing for the Prime minister’s post as this will be the only way Ruto will remain at the top of his game.






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