Eric Omondi Creatively Demonstrates How To Be Willy Paul(Video)

Eric Omondi Vs. Willy Paul

Eric Omondi has been crowned the King of comedy and for sure he is living his new title. Each Day Eric is warming the hearts of Kenyans with the most well-thought content in Comedy, exhibiting an extra ordinary level of creativity.

His hard work has placed him in a rare position where it’s possible to laugh at his jokes the moment an alert of his new joke pops up on youtube or any other social media, even before watching the joke or comedy.

Eric Omondi [Instagram]
Eric Omondi is that person who would talk about a simple thing like tea leaves and leave people rolling on the floor with laughter. How he does it, remains a mystery. Perhaps its a gift.

After mesmerizing Kenyans with the Extrawanjanja cover which he did so fast and so well, Eric Omondi came up with the How to be Raila comedy which earned over 200,000 views in a week.

Extrawanjanja [Instagram]
The comedy is so hilarious such that you could watch it over and over. The choice of characters which have a close semblance to the mimicked fellows amazed everyone who watched the comedy.

In case you missed it, here it is!

A week later, Eric comes again with another comedy on How To Be Willy Paul! You all know how much work goes into shooting a video. If Eric can manage such a video in one week then he must work very hard to be consistent in comedy.

In how to be willy Paul, Eric says you need to do only three things. First, Okoka (get saved, look for a born again lady and cry). Remember Sitolia? this is where it all started!

Secondly, when fame comes along, have a pose, then finally cross the borders, (His collabos with Nandy)

See how he does it;

According to Eric, this is all you need to do to be Willy Paul.

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