4 Silly ways men are likely to break their relationship unknowingly

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Men and Women handle relationships differently, would it be okay if we concluded that Men are from Mars and women from Venus, right?  Not that it was that big of a secret. Some reasons why relationships fail may be attribute to the emotional differences between men and women have long been noted.

Most realationships have a rough time because partners sometimes lack emotional intelligence, we often look past the emotional needs of our partners. We may not experience the same feelings, so it doesn’t occur to us that they would. As a result, we get ourselves in trouble and can, without even realizing it, mess up our relationships.

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Before we take a look at some of the areas men routinely overlook, let’s talk about the number one way that men kill their relationships. The biggest problem is thinking that those differences don’t matter and that we don’t need to worry about them. Of course, if you are one of those men, you are probably not reading this. Good for you as you’ve dodged the biggest bullet.

Just because a woman views things differently than you or measures the impact of things differently, it doesn’t mean you can dismiss those things and keep going. It be best that we assumed that you are trying to avoid accidentally ruining your relationship with your partner, what are those things you should pay attention to? Here are four of the biggest relationship mistakes guys make.

1. Ignoring what she tells you

One thing that women tend to do far better than men is express their feelings. The problem is that not only do men not DO this well, they also don’t LISTEN to it well. The point is, listen to what she tells you. Many women will almost give you a blueprint for the relationship if you just pay attention.

2. Thinking that sex no longer requires romance

When you’re in a steady relationship, you might think that you can just roll over any morning and let her know you’re ready and it’s game on. Well, not so fast.

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While that may work on certain occasions, a woman really never stops wanting to feel pursued. Taking the time to do things right will maintain the intimacy in your relationship and reinforce that feeling that you want her and she’s worth the time and effort. You may be pleasantly surprised at her reaction.

3. Not Appreciating their partner often

It’s best to assume that when you both started dating, you likely told her pretty routinely how much you appreciated her presence in your life. You probably said things like “You’re beautiful”, “I am lucky to have you” and “thank you”.

Once your relationship is firmly established, those often stop. There’s no need, right? You told her over and over before and now you guys are committed and she should know. Nope.

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When the expression of appreciation stops, women take notice and not in a good way. For many women, no longer hearing those things means you have stopped feeling and thinking them. That translates into feeling taken for granted and undervalued.

I know you are saying to yourself, “Why is she so insecure?” Guys, this is usually not an insecurity thing. It’s more of reinforcing your connection and not taking her for granted. It doesn’t need to be done excessively. You don’t necessarily have to do daily flower deliveries and love songs, but routinely letting her know that she’s important to you will go a long way.

4. Assuming she cares about your underwear and socks

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Here’s the thing, she doesn’t. It’s not good to assume she’s going to take care of all your incidentals. It is your responsibility to ensure that your laundry is put away, placing your dinner dishes after you’re done eating and putting your shoes away. That doesn’t mean she may not do those things, it depends on how you have your division of responsibilities arranged.

But when you get angry because your sock drawer is empty and that becomes a regular complaint, it’s time to read the signs and take care of things on your own. Women want to be seen as equals, partners, and intelligent human beings not your mom. When you take that for granted, she will handle all those little things. She may end up pushing back or spending time with someone who doesn’t expect her to do them.

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Men often assume that once the relationship is established, we are good and all the work is done. That’s simply not true. And although women can be just as guilty of all of the points above, we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to these things. Try appreciating and respecting the natural differences between you and your partner. Doing this will help keep you from accidentally messing up a good thing.

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