How to identify genuine new currency notes

Photo:New Currency Notes

There has been speculations making rounds in the social media about fake currency already in circulation of the new notes notes unveiled.

This has left many people in a state of confusion on how to really identify the genuine new currency notes.

However the Central Bank Of Kenya through Governor Patrick Njoroge mentioned some key security features that make the new note stand out.

With the hype and anxiety to by many Kenyans most are confused on how to separate fake from Original.

Photo: CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge

To identify genuine bank note: feel,look and tilt it. If you run your finger over the note, you will feel a raised print on ‘Kenya’ and also on the value of the note.

For the visually impaired people, run your fingers on the edge of the note. Feel One bar for Fifty , two bars for One Hundred, Three bars for two hundred, Four Bars for Five Hundred then finally Five Bars for One Thousand.

Hold up the light and from both sides you will see the watermark of the perfect Lions Head, the text CBK and the value of the bank note.

Also holding the note to the light, from both sides you will see the Security Thread as continuous line.

If you tilt from an angle you will see the Security Thread changing colour from Red to Green.Additionally for the two hundred, five hundred and one Thousand bank note when tilted a rainbow colour on the Security Thread.

If you tilt the back of the note at an angle you will see a Golden Band showing the Value of the note.



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