Apologize for 2017 Mistakes Before seeking the Maasai Votes, Ruto Told.

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Former Kajiado County Senator Peter Mositet. Photo/File

A section of Kajiado County leaders led by former Kajado Senator Peter Mositet has called on Deputy President William Ruto to first apologize over 2017 Jubilee’s rigged nominations in the county before touring the county to seek votes for his 2022 bid.

Speaking on Monday at a cancer medical treatment fundraising for the ailing former councilor David Gichuru in Kajiado North Sub-county, the former Senator said the DP was behind rigged nominations that gave Kajiado county under-performing leaders.

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DP William Ruto Together With a Section Of Leaders from Kajiado County at a Past Event. Photo/File

The former Senator who was responding to demands by current Senator Philip Mpayeei demands on his whereabouts blamed William Ruto for interfering with Kajiado county’s nominations in the process ‘selecting’ lazy leaders for them.

“We do not have to blame the young man, those who put him to power must explain to the electorates before seeking votes in 2022,” he said.

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His remarks were echoed by Gichuru who maintained that the Dp William Ruto did not let Kajiado residents exercise their democratic rights on the ballot and instead, selecting leaders for them.

Senator Mpayeei on his part dismissed the claims saying he had not failed the people of Kajiado county contrary to the reports being peddled by the former Senator. He maintained that he has always carried out his oversight role on the Kajiado County Government and that he was always held up in the Senate discussing on the matters touching on the Nation and Kajiado County people as well.

On his side, former Olkeri MCA Onesmus  Ngogoyo who lost in 2017 Jubilee nominations but got nominated by the party came to the defence of William Ruto despite the critics. Ngogoyo rubbished the leaders’ claims saying that the county of Kajiado will drum up support for Ruto to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

It is not the first time the former county Senator is throwing jabs at William Ruto.  In August 2018, Peter Mositet announced his defection from the ruling party after losing in the nominations blaming Ruto and the then Interior Cabinet Secretary the late Joseph Nkaissery for messing up with Kajiado Jubilee party primaries which led me to his loss in the nominations.

The disgruntled Mositet accused the DP saying that he had handpicked candidates and the same candidates went on to ‘win’ the elections.

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“I want to tell him that he won’t handpick a leader on behalf of the constituents. The primaries were completely unfair,” he was quoted in the past.

William Ruto has been enjoying massive support and friendship from the Maa community with both leaders elected for Kajiado and Narok counties’ top seats, Ole Lenku and Ole Tunai being Ruto’s close confidants.

Image result for William Ruto in KajiadoThe DP is already banking on the Maasai community to back his 2022 bid but with the likes of Peter Mositet, Ruto’s efforts of bagging the community’s 100% support is still hanging on a Beam balance.

Mositet has already galvanized the members of the Maa community against William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid as he had threatened in 2018.

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