5 Satisfying Kenyan breakfast delicacies to carry to the office

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Nothing beats a nice breakfast in the office, absolutely nothing! Unless you are totally from another planet, it would be absurd to not look forward to the first meal you’re going to start your day with. Breakfast across the world is the same and also quite unique in its own right. Different cultures have their own take on what a wholesome breakfast should be and we Kenyans sure know a good breakfast when they see one!

Breakfast is an absolute must for most of us. It’s important that everyone ensures that they have something to take them through the morning. If you’re employed and have to report to work as early, like most of us, you know most mornings are a race against the clock to get out the door and to work on time. Most of us prefer to hold off and eat breakfast once they are comfortably seated at their desk.

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Desk breakfasts are certainly easier for some than others. With recent office spaces which have a kitchen; equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave, it becomes easy for someone to carry with them a few bitings. Here are 5 Kenyan breakfasts that would give you a run through your morning errands;

Nduma aka The Arrow Root

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You haven’t had a Kenyan breakfast if you haven’t eaten nduma.If you use your bus stop at Ngara in the morning, you will notice these ladies who sell nduma and ngaci in the morning. We thank God for them! Most of us are a sucker for them!. Arrowroots provide our bodies with fibre that promotes that good health. You can either boil them or deep fry them and have them with your tea or coffee!

Tea and Mandazi

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Uuuih! Who doesn’t love seem chai and mandazi. If you are kenyan, only you can understand the sweetness from this breakfast. It will chanage your mood for the day instantly.  Mahamri or mandazi and tea has been a Kenyan delicacy for decades. Travel to any part of Kenya and you will get served. It is also easy to carry mandazi’s in your bag and have some office tea with them.

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